MO for your Money

What to Expect

We’ll discuss your marketing goals, current level of in-house staffing for marketing initiatives, and budget. More importantly, Mighty Mo specializes in personal service. We’ll listen to your big ideas then help you execute them in. Following your initial consultation, which is always free, Mighty Mo Media Partners will prepare a custom scope of work specifically for your company.

Depending on the mix of services you desire, Mighty Mo either bills hourly, by the project, or on retainer for long-term relationships.

Examples of Projects by the Hour

  • Critique company logo
  • Recommend advertising plans
  • Create surveys

Examples of Short-Term Projects

  • Annual media planning
  • Develop themes for advertising campaigns
  • Write technical articles
  • Develop agenda for in-person or virtual events
  • Facilitate customer-engaging contests or awards programs
  • Write copy and work with artist to create brochures or other collateral
  • Follow up on tradeshow leads

Examples of Retainer-Based Relationships

  • Develop content for newsletters and blog posts
  • Manage ad placements
  • Develop and distribute press releases
  • Assist marketing staff at tradeshows