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It’s difficult, even for sales and marketing professionals, to keep up with ever-changing trends in media and marketing. When you are focused on your niche product or service, how do you decide which mix of marketing methods is right for you?

Mighty Mo Media Partners helps you sort through the options to create a plan that fits your company, offers implementation tips, and manages the details to get the job done.

Whether you are looking for an overall media strategy, want to build brand recognition through general or specialized events, or just need a more “public” image, we can help.


Media Strategy

Yes, it is a people business, but you still need a plan. Many companies serving the construction industry have relied on word-of-mouth marketing and their industry reputation to bring in new business. But tough economic times, increased competition, and difficulty attracting skilled workers to the field has changed that. We can help you research the markets you want to target and develop a message and marketing plan specific to your business.


Events Planning

Getting in front of your customer is more than just attending tradeshows. Creating your own in-person or virtual events is one way to steal all the limelight. Just as with social media, it’s about providing value to your customer. Seminars. Webinars. Customer Appreciation Events. Workshops. We can help you create an event or get you invited to speak at industry specific conferences.


Public Relations

Getting good press is all about content marketing. Your customers are accessing multiple media platforms for information on a regular basis. From trade magazines to social media, they are looking for tools, tips, fresh ideas, and experts to network with. Good press doesn’t just happen. You have to create it and then repackage it to get the most mileage from your efforts. We can help you develop a habit of regular press release distribution, ghost-write technical articles on your behalf, direct your newsletter campaign, or guide your use of social media.